Woking 1986. It’s Monday morning. Seb and Aaron have been planning this day for weeks. They’ve written their sick notes. They’ve skimpt, saved, scraped and stolen the money where they can. They’re actually doing it. They’re bunking the day off school.


Eyes Closed, Ears Covered is a darkly funny and painfully tender story following two teenage boys as they head to Brighton in a daring plan to relive a special memory. Seb, a lonely boy from a broken home, is bullied at school and longing for friendship. When he is taken under the wing of Aaron, an explosive and unpredictable Jack-the-Lad with no fear, they set off on an adventure that unravels the secrets from Seb’s dark past and the truth about his mother.


Creative Team:

Writer - Alex Gwyther

Director - Derek Anderson

Movement Director - Jonnie Riordan

Set Designer - Alyson Cummins

Lighting & Video Designer -  Norvydas Genys

Sound Design - Jon McLeod

Casting Directors - Lucy Jenkins & 

Sooki McShane


Seb -  Joe Idris-Roberts

Aaron - Danny-Boy Hatchard

Lilly - Phoebe Thomas

With voiceovers by

Alex Wadham, Kira Morsley and Lucas Rush.


★★★★Jonnie Riordan's nicely realised movement recalls early Frantic Assembly. ”


“★★★★ Despite the bare stage of the underground theatre, the actors transport the audience to the seaside, make them travel on the train, let them breathe the heavy air in Seb’s house. Their well-studied gestures and movements are impressive.

The Upcoming

“In Anderson’s capable hands, the action moves lucidly along, awash with Norvydas Genys’ arresting lighting and video design, and enlivened by Jonnie Riordan’s exuberant bursts of movemen..”


“★★★★Jonnie Riordan’s parkour-inspired choreography, transforming the basic blocks and ramps onstage into a credible urban assault course."